Student Eligibility

LSA classes are open to young people ages 16-22 unless stated otherwise.

Types of Students

Provisional Students

Young people who are trying out LSA (have attended 1-3 classes) are consider provisional students. Provisional students who decide not to continue with LSA are welcome to leave. If the student decides at a later date they would like to be involved in LSA, they may return.

Member Students

After attendance at their 3rd class, students can elect to become members of LSA. Member students fill out a simple form stating their desire to be a part of LSA and agree to participate in LSA for a period of at least 6 months and to participate in LSA evaluation efforts. Member students who stop attending LSA will be contacted and an exit interview will be conducted to gather information as to why the student ceased involvement. This information will be utilized to make programmatic changes, if needed, to ensure current students feel supported and are getting their needs met.

Student Teachers

After attending LSA for at least 3 months, students can volunteer to co-teach LSA classes in partnership with an adult volunteer. Student teachers can teach 1 or several classes over time. Student teaching gives LSA member students opportunity to integrate their strengths and share their knowledge with others as well as actualize the skills they are learning through LSA classes and courses.

Special Programs

Youth Advisory Group

LSA believes it is most effective when programming aligns with the needs of young people who engage in LSA. To accomplish this, young people are invited to participate in the monthly LSA Youth Advisory Group. Aside from helping shape future LSA programming, the Youth Advisory Group offers an opportunity for young people to apply leadership, empowerment, and other skills learned through LSA classes and courses. The LSA Youth Advisory Group is facilitated by the LSA Specialist and is open to all LSA students. To ensure the voices of young people utilizing the program are included in decision making and to align with the values of LSA, two (2) members of the LSA Youth Advisory Group serve as Youth Advisory Group representatives on the LSA Advisory Group.