Life Skills Academy is a collaborative, cross system learning network focused on building functional life skills for young people, ages 16-22, in the Albuquerque area. We focus our outreach towards populations who may benefit most from development and integration of life skills.  This target population includes youth who:

  • are experiencing or at risk of experiencing homelessness
  • have mental health and/or substance use issues, and/or
  • have current or past juvenile justice experience

For young people to have a chance to learn about things they often don’t get in school or from other places, like:

  • How to develop a budget
  • What to look for in signing a rental agreement
  • How to bargain shop
  • How to best complete online job applications
  • How do I improve my credit score?
  • Learn about different kinds of exercise and ways to stay healthy
  • and so much more!
  • Strengths Based
  • Youth Informed
  • Community Based
  • Culturally Aware
Elements of LSA
  • Community partnership and collaboration
  • LSA independent website with Online registration
  • Transportation
  • Coordination
  • Data collection
  • Outcome gathering and reporting
  • Use of assessment instruments (JIFF, Ansel Casey)

The Life Skills Academy has 4 domain areas: Community Engagement, Daily Living, Higher Education and Identity & Healthy Relationships.


Below are the domains and examples of classes we offer:

Community Engagement

  • Youth Advisory Board
  • Planning and Implementing Community Events
  • Mentorship
  • Youth Empowerment for Social Reform & Change
  • Volunteerism
  • Leadership Trainings

Daily Living

  • Financial Responsibility
  • Money Management/Checking Account
  • Home Maintenance
  • Cooking Classes
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Resume Building
  • Daily Etiquette
  • Self Healing

Higher Education

  • G.E.D. Program
  • College Preparation
  • Job Preparation
  • Trade School
  • Internships

Identity & Healthy Relationships

  • Young Women & Men\’s Support Group
  • Safer Sex Education Class
  • Visual Arts
  • Poetic Expression
  • Dance/Music
  • Cultural Heritage Education
  • Field Trips
  • Exercise Class